Prenatal Care

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is focused on balancing the bones, ligaments, and muscles of the pelvis for optimal delivery.

Our chiropractors will take you through a comprehensive assessment, provide a thorough and clear explanation of the cause of your condition, and start you on a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

People choose Chiropractic care during pregnancy for 3 reasons:

  • breech baby
  • to facilitate a healthy birthing process
  • low back pain, sciatica.

“This place has always been a safe haven for me while pregnant, postpartum and in between. Friendly staff and a warm, inviting environment. I will always recommend HIHF”

Our Chiropractors have helped hundreds of women from their first trimester to their fourth (post baby). We are specially trained in in gentle and effective care for you and your baby. Please contact our clinic for further information.

Webster Technique

The combination of bony and soft tissue changes in the pregnant mother can impact nervous system function, positioning, and comfort throughout the pregnancy. The Webster technique was specifically designed to address the unique changes in a pregnant woman’s body.  Through analysis of the sacrum (tailbone), pelvic bones, pelvic muscles and ligaments, the Webster certified chiropractor can specifically target misalignments and restore optimum function to the pelvis. This helps to promote healthy pregnancy and good fetal positioning.

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